Keurig Vue Cups

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Recently there has been a huge swing in the coffee maker market. Where we were used to coffee machines making a whole jug of coffee with an average of 6-8 cups, the trend is now switching to machines that give us individual cup of coffee. Many of these new machines use individual packs with a bar code that the machine can read. Keurig is a leading manufacturer of these coffee machines, and there is no doubt about the quality of products they deliver. Ever since Keurig Vue was introduced, it has taken coffee lovers to a world of surprises. The new Vue Brewers and Keurig Vue cups are creating a lot of buzz all over.

The Keurig Vue machine doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen counter top and is ideal for people living in places with a small kitchen. Even students living in shared accommodations can always find space for this trendy machine. The Vue is available in 3 different models for now; The Vue V500, Vue V600 and Vue V700. The latest one, the V700 has obviously a few more attributes than its predecessors. It is more versatile and has a touch colored LCD screen. Also, the temperature of the brew can be customized and the size can be adjusted from 4 to 18 ounces. This makes it great for that small espresso and a great companion as a travel mug.

Even though Vue cups resemble K cups, yet they are in fact a lot distinct. Coming in totally different sizes and shapes, these are incompatible with the old Keurig models and the flavor choices are diverse also. K-Cups are a bit taller in comparison to the new Vue cups. Also the Vue Packs move through a completely distinctive brew approach which gives users the advantage to choose temperature range, coffee strength, as well as size options. The new Vue is catching up and at present they are over 40 keurig vue cups flavors.

To brew all you have to do is to make sure there is water in the machine, and you have some sort of cup in there to collect the coffee. Put the cup inside and just press the button, and you have your coffee in next to no time.

If you are looking for more variety, there are plenty of options on offer. Try the extra bold, dunkin donuts or French and Italian roast. You do not need to stop with coffee; you also have many varieties of tea – green tea, iced tea, herbal tea as well as hot chocolate. All in all, you can have a huge selection at your fingertips. Keurig also offers specialty blends of coffee. This range from a apple cider, pumpkin spice, breakfast blend and Hawaiian blend to a daybreak morning blend. They also offer decaf option, cafe mocha, caramel vanilla, vanilla biscotti and a very nice Vanilla Latte.

One of the major benefits of Keurig Vue cups is that you can individualize your drinking experience. If you fancy a decaffeinated coffee, they have one. Maybe you want some green tea? No problem, just insert the cup and enjoy the flavors. Also, it’s pretty great when you can offer your guests individual cups of coffee to match their tastes. You can make everyone happy in a few minutes. To get best discounts, it is advisable to buy in bulk for cheap from Amazon, Walmart, Target or even Costco store. Or use Keurig coupons to get huge saving if you buy in wholesale.

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